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Welcome to J&M Manufacturing is a first-rate manufacturer of  Rubber sheet , rubber mat  and Rubber conveyor belts, rubber hose  and a variety of other technical rubber goods in China.
Today, the enterprise employs over 500 people . With 10 years experience of activity in the market of technical rubber products the company not only keeps to existing traditions of quality, but it also actively applies modern technologies in its production, that allows products of J&M Rubber to compete confidently with other analogues.

NN conveyor Belt

NN conveyor belt (Nylon conveyor belt) is characterized by thin belt carcass, high strength, shock resistance, good performance, large layer to layer adhesion, excellent flexibility and long service time, applicable to conveying of the heavy product at high speed in middle and short distance.The best manufacturer of Nylon Conveyor Belt.
Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Oil resistant conveyor belt has good oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. It is fit for carrying materials including oil and organic solvent.
Skirtboard Rubber sheet

Performance:  The rubber skirtboard is used for the two sides of the conveyor belt. Which is so welcome by our customers, With middle pressure, strong tense and small distortion; . Our quality and our price are all very competitive.
Stable Mat 2

Stable Mat for Horse and Cow